Pasta Machines

All the Pasta Machines we supply are of excellent quality. The Pasta Machines or Pasta Makers, will help you to produce your own pasta, quick and easy.

The Pasta Machines that you can find in our shop, are capable of producing dough sheet of different thicknesses. Especially the professional Pasta Machines, make ultra thin sheets of dough (till zero mm!).

We offer you a wide range of Pasta Machines, to select the one that suits your needs. In our shop, you can find from traditional manual Pasta Machines to strictly professional machines to produce huge quantities and different kinds of pasta.

On some of the Electric Pasta Machines, you can adjust a special Kneader, so as to produce your own dough, quick and easy. Upon all our Pasta Machines, you can adjust extra attachments so as to produce pasta like Spaghetti, Lasagna, Lasagna Reginette, Pappardelle, Pappardelle Reginette, Fettuccine, Tagliatelle, Ravioli, Capelli d’ Angelo and Millegnocchi. We also have an extra attachment to produce Ravioli, as well.

Whichever Electric Pasta Machine you choose, we can supply you with all the extra attachments. Also, we have all the spare parts you may need, always ready to ship.

In the Product details of each Pasta Machine, you can watch many videos in which we present how these machines work. Also, in these videos you can see how we adjust the kneader or the different attachments for different kinds of pasta.

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