Pasta Machines Professional

Μηχανή Ζυμαρικών
Chef in Casa

SKU IM0094
2621.00 €
629.00 €
3250.00 €
IM0094, Pasta Machine Chef in Casa, Excellent Quality, Kneads 2 kg of Dough, Produce 6 - 8 kg/hour, Manual Pasta Cutter with Single & Double Blade, Die for Pasta Sheet with 170 mm Width, Professional Use, Warranty 2 Years. 

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Pasta Machine Ristorantica

SKU MC0001
3209.70 €
770.30 €
3980.00 €
MC0001, Pasta Machine Ristorantica, Excellent Quality, Kneads 1.6 kg Dough in 4 min., Makes 10 kg Pasta Sheets / hour with Width 21 or 15 cm, Cuts Pasta Sheets in different Lengths, Produces Extruded Pasta, Makes Fettuccine 6 mm, Warranty 2 Years, Professional Use. 

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The Pasta Machines Professional are tabletops, electric, pasta machines, suitable for making dough and making many kinds of pasta. The Pasta Machines Professional are suitable for domestic but mainly professional use in restaurants, pizzerias, hotels, catering as well as pasta workshops.

In our shop you can find a wide range of Pasta Machines Professional to choose that suits your needs. The Pasta Machine Professional Electric Ristorantica are perfect to produce dough, to make extruded pasta, to shape dough sheets in various thicknesses and to cut dough pasta in different lengths. It is at the same time Kneading Machine, Pasta Rolling Machine with a variety of thickness settings, Pasta Cutting Machine and Extruder i.e. it can produce many kinds of pasta, depending on the die you have placed. The Pasta Machines Chef in Casa are perfect for kneading, making different kinds of pasta and frumenty the greek traditional trahana. While you can choose between manual or electric cutting knife.

The Pasta Machines Professional we recommend, they are all top quality, suitable for contact with food and manufactured in Italy. We also have accessories, dies and spare parts for all your needs. The Pasta Machines Professional are ideal for kneading and producing many types of pasta, quickly and easily!

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