Traditional Cooking Utensils

The Traditional Cooking Utensils include both Dutch Ovens Metallic Traditional and Round Metal Griddles. The Dutch Ovens Metallic Traditional are traditional utensils, suitable for charcoals, with which we cover the baking pans or the baking sheets we have put on the fire. They are special metallic lids, with rim to hold the coals and handle at the top for easy movement. The Round Metal Griddles are thin baking sheets, ideal for baking on fire. They are perfect to griddle dough sheets, crepes, pancakes, omelets and anything else you want, quick and easy.

In our shop you can find a wide range of Traditional Cooking Utensils. We have Dutch Ovens Metallic Traditional and Round Metal Griddles, in different sizes and shapes, to choose that suit your needs. All the Traditional Cooking Utensils are made in Greece. They are handmade and can withstand high temperatures. Both the Dutch Ovens Metallic Traditional and Round Metal Griddles are made of metal and are perfect to bake or to bake cook in a traditional oven, in a wood-fired oven, in a built-in oven, in a fireplace or over an open fire. The Traditional Cooking Utensils are suitable for both home and professional use.

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