Copper Items

The Copper Items include copper, brass or bronze cookware and serving utensils, church items, cauldrons, bells, wash basins and many decorative or usefully items that combine perfectly the beauty, the functionality and the tradition! All the Copper Items that we have, are available in different sizes and designs. They are all made in Greece and completely handmade. They are of the highest quality and all that are inside tinned are suitable both for cooking and food contact. Also, we have a wide range of Copper Glasses, that people supply to sterilize water before drinking it and take advantage of the antimicrobial properties of copper. Thanks to their durability, they can be used for both home and professional use. With the proper care you will have them, for a lifetime!

In our shop you can find a wide range of Copper Items, in different sizes, hammered, carved or straight in many designs, to choose that suit your needs. We have everything you need to make, serve and enjoy traditional Greek coffee, hot drinks, tea and any beverage of your choice. Choose from Copper & Brass Coffee Pots, Copper Greek Coffee Sand Machine - Hovoli, Copper or Brass Traditional Greek / Turkish Coffee Trays, Copper or Brass Coffee Cups, Brass Stirrers & Spoons, Sugar & Coffee Copper Canisters, Coffee Canisters, Vintage Copper Camping Stoves, Copper Teapots, Bronze Mills and Copper, Brass or Bronze Jugs. Furthermore, in Copper Bar Accessories we have all the necessarily for an organized and functional bar. Choose from Copper Glasses Straight, Copper Glasses King, Copper Glasses Conical, Moscow Mule Copper Mugs, Copper Glasses for Cocktails, Copper Jugs, Copper Ice Buckets, Copper Champagne Buckets - Ice Buckets and Copper Shakers. Also, we have a wide range of Copper or Brass Sets for Ouzo, Traditional Copper Wine Jugs, Copper Olive Oilcans, Copper Oil & Vinegar Cruet, Copper Napkins Holder, Copper Set for Salt & Pepper, Copper Toothpicks Holders to serve and enjoy your ouzo or wine and the appetizers that accompany them, in a traditional and impressive way at the same time.

The Copper Cookware has been used since ancient times until today. Because copper is a very good conductor of heat but also because it distributes heat evenly in the cookware. To enjoy quick and tasty cooking you have to choose from: Copper Pots, Copper Sauce Pans with Lid, Copper and Brass Chestnut Pans, Copper Pans, Copper Frying Pans with Lid, Copper Cauldrons - Bakratsi, Copper Carved Billies, Copper Round Pans with Handles, Copper Serving Platters, Copper Mini Pots - Copper Cocottes, Copper Baking Pans or Copper Cauldrons, that we have in different sizes and designs. Also, we have Brass Scoops, Coffee Shops Dispensers & Scoops, Bronze Meat Tenderizers, Bronze Mortars & Pestles, Copper Jugs for Salep, Copper Wash Basins, Brass Wash Basins, Copper Constructions and Brass Bells!

In Copper Items you can find many Church Items such as: Bronze Incense Burners, Vigil - Votive Lamps, Bronze Wall Hooks for Hanging Vigil Lamp, Brass Liggeri, Used Candles Containers Brass, Bronze Flagpole Crosses & Spears, Bronze Brass Candlesticks and many Trench Art Brass Shell Casings Engraved, Copper Vases and Copper Amphoras, Engraved Brass Vases to choose that suit your needs or your style.

In the Copper Items we have a wide range of Copper Oil Lamps or Brass, in different sizes and designs, tabletop or wallhanging. They are fully functional and can be used both to illuminate interiors and to decorate them in vintage style! For vintage decoration you can choose from Trench Art Brass Shell Casings Engraved, Copper Vases and Copper Amphoras, Engraved Brass Vases, Small Bronze Bells, Copper & Brass Lanterns, Copper Wall Accessories, Copper & Brass Ashtrays, Copper Wall Clocks, Copper Scales, Copper Flasks, Copper Buckets, Copper Distillers, Umbrella Stands Bronze - Brass - Copper, Copper & Brass Firewood Holders, Telescope, Bronze - Brass Candlesticks, Sweet Bowl Copper or Antique Hanging Planter Copper or Antique and Mills for Pepper and Coffee.

Care Tips for Copper and Brass Products

  • Wash the copper or the brass items, before the first use, with detergents and water. Then, rinse and dry with a soft cotton cloth.
  • In order to bring back the initial polishing use the traditional solution. Damp a cloth in a solution of vinegar and salt or lemon and rub the copper item. Alternatively you can buy a special cleaner for copper and brass items.
  • One more magical way to bring back the initial polishing in copper and brass items is to immerse them for 2-3 seconds in solution that you have already prepared inside a container with citric acid sour salt. Firstly, fill with water a container in which the copper or the brass utensil can be fitted. Drop a big or small spoon of citric acid sour salt depending on the amount of the water and then immerse the copper or the brass utensil inside the water. Remove it and magically the polishing is back, no matter how much blurry or how many black spots the utensil had.
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